2020-21 Charter CEO Council

The Sonoma County Charter SELPA CEO Council is composed of representatives from each member Charter LEA:

  1. Selection and annual evaluation of the Charter SELPA Administrator
  2. Establishment and promotion of a Community Advisory Committee
  3. Establishment of the number and type of Charter SELPA office staff employed for SELPA-wide services
  4. Review, approve, and monitor all budgets assigned to the Charter SELPA
  5. Provide leadership to the Charter SELPA regarding the development, revision, implementation and review of the Local Plan
  6. Review, approve, and monitor the allocation of special education funds to local education agencies
  7. Approval of all Charter SELPA policies, standards and guidelines

Meetings are held three times a year at the SELPA offices. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Please contact the SELPA office at (707) 524-2752 with inquiries.

To access agendas and minutes for Council meetings, visit Agenda Online.

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